Welcome! My name is Dusty.

“What will I find here?” That probably depends on when you find the blog. I am permanently curious but my mind roves. I like analyzing the Bible and other old religious texts. I also enjoy history (both recent and ancient), old TV shows (my original motivation for starting a blog was to recap episodes of Highlander: the Series), movies, classic novels, poetry, architecture, sports, and even professional wrestling. I like to do a bit of creative writing and I share some of that here, too.

“So this is mostly a book, TV, and movie reviews blog?” I color outside of those lines a little bit… but mostly yes.

“What makes your blog worth reading?” You’ll have to decide that for yourself. It’s eclectic because my interests are eclectic. (Ex: There probably are not too many people who are simultaneously doing a critical analysis of the original language from the Book of Genesis AND re-watching old episodes of Punky Brewster at the same time.)

Just browse through the Menu in the upper right corner of my page and see if there is anything here that interests you. If so, I would love to hear from you.

If you want to reach me: DustyReviews@outlook.com

Alternatively, you can find me on X/Twitter @DustyReviews

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Blog Update: 2/13/2021