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The WordPress overlord has informed me that 200 of you are inexplicably following my blog. I am now forced to admit that blogging has proven to be a far better outlet for expressing my interests to others than shouting at strangers in the park once was. I am truly grateful for each of you.

I have come to realize that there are a lot of talented writers in this community. Some of you are unheralded geniuses, truly. Every day I learn something new. Often that something new relates to new information, or a more clever way to express a familiar idea, in my fields of interest. I have also been lured into unexpected new arenas and I now find myself reading about topics FAR outside of my expertise (pottery, chic fashion, cooking, baking, photography, etc.) It is apparently in my nature to read anything I can and the WordPress community is an eclectic online school of gifted teachers.

More than your various and sundry unique interests and talents, I have also come to realize that the community here is generous. Many of you have posted kind and helpful comments – basically since I first started writing here. Each like and comment is appreciated.

I have received a few questions over the last few weeks and this seems like a good place to address them.

  1. Do I have a posting schedule?

    No. I would like to but life does not yet allow that. Generally speaking, I strive to publish at least two posts from each of the things I am currently working on, each week. As of February, 2021, that means I will be trying to publish at least two posts per week from The Book of Genesis, The Wheel of Time, Dusty Quotations, two songs/poems/misc, two episodes of Highlander, and two episodes of Justice League (which I just started yesterday.) I am weighing whether to add a third TV show to the lineup and to just give that one post per week – but I have not decided, yet.
  2. Why did the movie reviews stop?

    I am a parent of a small child. That miniature version of me never leaves the house anymore, thanks to the pandemic. The lack of leaving the house made it nigh impossible to read whole books with any regularity – hence I am primarily limited to chapter-by-chapter reviews of a couple projects. As of this past November, he began insisting on my physical proximity as a prerequisite for sleeping. My free time for watching and reviewing movies has diminished pretty greatly as a result. When the sleep situation at night changes, I may find myself better able to watch and review a movie here and there. When the pandemic ends, perhaps I will add book reviews to what I am currently doing with Genesis and The Wheel of Time.
  3. Are you on social media?

    Yes. I have a relatively active Twitter account wherein I RT my other interests that do not make the blog. I also interact to some degree with the Wheel of Time #TwitterofTime community. The thing I really like about Twitter, if I am being completely honest, are the gifs. https://twitter.com/DustyReviews

    I also have a Facebook account wherein I post links that share my posts. https://www.facebook.com/DustyReviewsBlog

    I will eventually also have an IG. I’m leaning toward that being a Quotes / Wild Conspiracies account.

    That said, my primary tool for interaction is WordPress Reader.
  4. Do you have plans to get an editor?

    I am all too aware of the fact I need one. Unfortunately, I think I will need to add a few zeros to the end of this follower total before I can afford to get one. Short of that, hopefully, eventually having some more free time will help with the editing issues.

I think that about covers it. I would again like to reiterate my appreciation for all of you.

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