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My site is apparently having some issues today. I’m not entirely certain as to the problem, just yet.

One person has shared with me that comments and likes are gone on the Reader when she goes to my site. While I do sincerely appreciate that information, and while I encourage everyone to share with me when something on the site is amiss, my plan upon learning that information had been to ignore it until it went away (my favorite and only strategy for dealing with WP glitches.) However, when I looked into my site stats a short time later, I noticed another problem. I saw that I had generated stats today from a post titled:

Post #2123427348 (not found)

This interestingly titled post is the most-viewed thing on my site today. True to its title, I cannot view the post, as it cannot currently be found by WP, and that is just as well, because I did not post it. Or… at least, I do not remember posting it. (One can never rule out madness.) Either way, I have no idea what everyone is viewing. I cannot see anything unusual on my end either when I’m logged in or logged out, other than evidence that a bunch of people have viewed something on my site today which can no longer be found. My other recent posts are showing up in my statistics column, and the “not found” post continues to see viewership numbers climb, so I am a little baffled about what might be going on. I hope it’s good content, at least.

I do plan to continue ignoring the problem for as long as possible (either until it resolves on its own or until DustyReviews ends up in the equivalent of WP hospitalization) but I wanted to make you aware of the fact that I am aware of the fact that *something* might be going on with my website. Something might either be fire content that I am not allowed by WP to know about, or it might be a virus or something.

In the meantime, a sincere thank you to everyone who has smashed my like buttons, rang my notification bells, and subscribed to the website.

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