Six Word Story #193

5 thoughts on “Six Word Story #193

    1. Yeah. My eyesight is so bad I have to use audiobooks, but I always have some downloaded.

      But if you’re traveling with a small kid who is accustomed to entertainment-via-YouTube… that situation really can be an emergency.

      1. Yeah. It’s such difficult balance. You have to somehow teach someone with a not-fully-developed brain to be good at impulse control and to set the devices down. And yet, if you want that kid to have some social common ground with his/her peers, you sort of need to allow a certain amount of time on a device designed to target and overcome human impulse control so that users continue clicking/scrolling/etc.

      2. It’s definitely difficult. It’s tough for kids to have a social life without devices and at the same time I get that so much screen time isn’t great. Yeah, I think it’s all about balance.