Dusty Poetry #100

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One face, two face, three and four,
You show yourself and then show more.
Costume changing between glances,
Depending on the circumstances –
Visage derived from lies and chances.

You might think you have noble ends,
Misleading those whom you call friends.
Sometimes lies keep love from pain.
Not all deception is self-gain.
I might approve once you explain.

Perhaps I’ll see that you mean well
With all the fiction that you tell,
But none of that will change the fact
The you I knew has been an act,
A story you cannot retract

The you that’s true when you’re alone,
The version that you’ve never shown,
Will have no face to wear for me
Though you confess and let me see.
We are who we pretend to be.
A face that changes constantly
Is no face at all. It’s empty.