Six Word Story #174

6 thoughts on “Six Word Story #174

    1. I seem to have a preference sometimes for writing these in a somewhat open ended way. I think it’s how my creative process works. In my mind, I was imagining a conversation with a sibling where I was given that statement. The story (for me) builds around that. What would I make of it? How concerned should I be? What comes next? The mere fact of the statement being made at all implies that this type of confusion is not a lifelong trait, but a more recent change. Are there other recent changes that we have failed to notice?

      1. I actually like writing open ended stories too so I definitely get it but I think it’s also interesting to know what you were thinking when writing it too. Like what story did you picture.

      2. Yeah. That’s true and I like knowing that when you write the same type of stories. Its just now occurring to me, though, that I should request that my readers tell me what they are picturing before I share what I was picturing when writing.