Dusty Conspiracies: The Moon (Part 2)

“Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien,

Conspiracy Theory: Humans have observed evidence of life on the moon, for decades (and perhaps centuries,) and those observations have been kept from the general public.

There is actually more evidence in support of this conspiracy theory than you would believe at first blush, AND that evidence dates back centuries, not just decades.

Is the theory reasonable?

Is the evidence of non-human life on the moon so strong as to render this worthy of discussion beyond just the cultural fringe? Yes. The idea of the moon being home to life includes various pieces of attestable evidence – including observations of unexplained lights from the lunar surface going back centuries, as well as human eye witness testimony.

#1. Lunar Lights

You might not have heard of this, but there is well-documented lunar light phenomenon called Transient Lunar Phenomena (TLP) which has been observed for centuries. From Wiki:

transient lunar phenomenon (TLP) or lunar transient phenomenon (LTP) is a short-lived light, color or change in appearance on the surface of the Moon. The term was created by Patrick Moore in his co-authorship of NASA Technical Report R-277 Chronological Catalog of Reported Lunar Events, published in 1968.[1]

Claims of short-lived lunar phenomena go back at least 1,000 years, with some having been observed independently by multiple witnesses or reputable scientists. Nevertheless, the majority of transient lunar phenomenon reports are irreproducible and do not possess adequate control experiments that could be used to distinguish among alternative hypotheses to explain their origins.

Most lunar scientists will acknowledge transient events such as outgassing and impact cratering do occur over geologic time. The controversy lies in the frequency of such events.

There are several hypotheses for the phenomena, and of course, the phenomena might have more than one point of origin.

1. Outgassing:

Some TLPs may be caused by gas escaping from underground cavities. These gaseous events are purported to display a distinctive reddish hue, while others have appeared as white clouds or an indistinct haze. The majority of TLPs appear to be associated with floor-fractured craters, the edges of lunar maria, or in other locations linked by geologists with volcanic activity. However, these are some of the most common targets when viewing the Moon, and this correlation could be an observational bias.

In support of the outgassing hypothesis, data from the Lunar Prospector alpha particle spectrometer indicate the recent outgassing of radon to the surface.[94] In particular, results show that radon gas was emanating from the vicinity of the craters Aristarchus and Kepler during the time of this two-year mission. These observations could be explained by the slow and visually imperceptible diffusion of gas to the surface, or by discrete explosive events. In support of explosive outgassing, it has been suggested that a roughly 3 km (1.9 mi) diameter region of the lunar surface was “recently” modified by a gas release event.[95][96] The age of this feature is believed to be about 1 million years old, suggesting that such large phenomena occur only infrequently.

2. Impact Events

Impact events are continually occurring on the lunar surface. The most common events are those associated with micrometeorites, as might be encountered during meteor showers. Impact flashes from such events have been detected from multiple and simultaneous Earth-based observations.[97][98][99][100] Tables of impacts recorded by video cameras exist for years since 2005 many of which are associated with meteor showers.[101] Furthermore, impact clouds were detected following the crash of ESA’s SMART-1 spacecraft,[102] India’s Moon Impact Probe and NASA’s LCROSS. Impact events leave a visible scar on the surface, and these could be detected by analyzing before and after photos of sufficiently high resolution. No impact craters formed between the Clementine (global resolution 100 metre, selected areas 7–20 metre) and SMART-1 (resolution 50 metre) missions have been identified.

3. Electrostatic phenomena

It has been suggested that effects related to either electrostatic charging or discharging might be able to account for some of the transient lunar phenomena. One possibility is that electrodynamic effects related to the fracturing of near-surface materials could charge any gases that might be present, such as implanted solar wind or radiogenicdaughter products.[103] If this were to occur at the surface, the subsequent discharge from this gas might be able to give rise to phenomena visible from Earth. Alternatively, it has been proposed that the triboelectric charging of particles within a gas-borne dust cloud could give rise to electrostatic discharges visible from Earth.[104] Finally, electrostatic levitation of dust near the terminator could potentially give rise to some form of phenomenon visible from Earth.

Columbia University hosts pictures of TLPs on their website, including proposed explanations. The university’s explanations for TLPs also include a list of observed colors (white, red, and violet):

What is a TLP?

Transient lunar phenomena (TLPs) are described as short-lived changes in the brightness of patches on the face of the Moon. They last anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours and can grow from less than a few to a hundred kilometers in size. Most instances of TLPs are described as increases in the overall luminosity of a spot on the Moon; however, sometimes observers report a decrease in a region’s brightness or even a change in its color to red or violet. Reports of TLPs have described them as “mists”, “clouds”, “volcanoes”, among other provocative terms. Even today, they are poorly understood; however, our team is attempting to remedy this.

At this point, we certainly have some evidence-based guesses, but we do not really know what is causing the TLPs. I find it quite odd that the moon, which has always been put forward to the public as essentially dead rock, must be quite a bit more alive (volcanism, sub-surface magma, etc.) than “dead rock” to provide a natural explanation for these TLPs. I also think it’s interesting that a species so focused on the sky has very little knowledge of this particular topic.

#2. Florescent Light (Apollo 11 Astronauts)

The Apollo 11 space mission observed a TLP just prior to landing. From history.nasa.gov

During the Apollo 11 mission in July 1969, Houston radioed to Apollo 11: “We’ve got an observation you can make if you have some time up there. There’s been some lunar transient events reported in the vicinity of Aristarchus.” Astronomers in Bochum, West Germany, had observed a bright glow on the lunar surface—the same sort of eerie luminescence that has intrigued Moon watchers for centuries. The report was passed on to Houston and thence to the astronauts. Almost immediately, Michael Collins reported back: “Hey, Houston, I’m looking north up toward Aristarchus now, and there’s an area that is considerably more illuminated than the surrounding area. It seems to have a slight amount of fluorescence.”[75]

076:56:35 McCandless: Apollo 11, this is Houston. Over.

076:56:41 Aldrin: Go ahead, Houston.

076:56:42 McCandless: Roger. We show you, in the Flight Plan, staying in orbital rate until about 79 hours, 10 minutes. Do you have some particular attitude or reason for wanting to go inertial? Over.

076:57:00 Collins: No, that’s fine. I just wanted to confirm that. Until 79:10, then we’ll breeze around here in orbit.

076:57:07 McCandless: Roger. And we’ve got an observation you can make if you have some time up there. There’s been some lunar transient events reported in the vicinity of Aristarchus. Over.

076:57:28 Aldrin: Roger. We just went into spacecraft darkness. Until then, why, we couldn’t see a thing down below us. But now, with Earthshine, the visibility is, oh, pretty fair. Looking back behind me, now, I can see the corona from where the Sun has just set. And we’ll get out the map and see what we can find around Aristarchus.

It seems like an incredible coincidence that one of these lights appeared just before the first ever human landing on the lunar surface. It also seems very unlikely that the moon could have been impacted by a meteor without that strike being observed. That seems to imply that the explanation for TLPs is likely one of the other explanations (though of course an impact might be an occasional explanation as well.) It’s noteworthy that this event was not part of the media coverage of themission.

#3 Human Testimony

For a long time, this area of the conspiracy theory evidence was the weakest. Recent news and events though perhaps have changed that to some degree. I’ll start from reports about which one can be skeptical, and then move forward.

Alien ships on the moon

Gaia published an alleged conversation between NASA and Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin during the first moon landing.

Apollo 11: “Those are giant things. No, no, no, this is not an optical illusion. No one is going to believe this.”

NASA: “What… what…. what? What the hell is happening?” “What’s wrong with you?”

Apollo 11: “They’re here, under the surface.”

NASA: “What’s there? (muffled noise) Emission interrupted; interference control calling Apollo 11.”

Apollo 11: “We saw some visitors. They were here for a while, observing the instruments.”

NASA: “Repeat your last information.”

Apollo 11: “I say that there were other spaceships. They’re lined up in the other side of the crater.”

If you were to look around on the internet, you would find the above conversation repeated in various places. However, what you will not find (or at least I did not) is proof of that conversation, or a participant in that conversation who is willing to talk on the record to confirm it. That of course does not mean it did not happen. If it did, and it was a breach of national security to share it, then coming forward might have been suicidal. For our purposes, though, it does not add to the pile of evidence.

The weird post Apollo 11 press conference

“You’ll find more cheer in a graveyard.” – Gimli, son of Gloin.

This proves absolutely nothing. However, the bizarrely somber press conference has been used by people in the decades since to bolster arguments that they were lying about going, or that they saw *something* on the moon that shook them.

U.S. Government Admissions re: UAPs / UFOs

  • In June 2023, a whistleblower named David Grusch came forward to claim that the U.S. government has recovered several UFOs/UAPs, and he implied that in addition to the craft, extra-terrestrial bodies were also recovered.

    A U.S. Senator from Missouri, Josh Hawley, stated that the whistleblower’s statements track with current intelligence briefings.
  • In April 2023, the US Senate subcommittee on Armed Services held an unclassified briefing with the Director of AARO, or All-domain Anomaly Research Office, wherein new UAP footage was released.
  • In February 2023, the United States shot down several UAPs/UFOs over Canadian Air Space, and did not rule out that the craft were extra-terrestrial in origin.

General Glen VanHerck, a U.S. Air Force General who serves as the Commander of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), told reporters Sunday he personally was not ruling out any possibilities for the source of the UFOs. He was asked directly if the four airborne objects shot down by American aircrafts in just over the past week could be of extraterrestrial origin.

“I’ll let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out,” VanHerck said. “I haven’t ruled out anything.”

  • In January of 2023, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released the 2022 Annual Report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

The official takeaway? “AARO’s initial analysis and characterization of the 366 newly-identified reports, informed by a multi-agency process, judged more than half as exhibiting unremarkable characteristics,” the document notes. Of those unremarkable reports: 26 were drones or drone-like, 163 were balloons or balloon-like, and six were clutter spotted in the sky.

That leaves 171 “uncharacterized and unattributed” remaining from the batch of newly identified reports, a group that is perhaps thought of more as unresolved than unexplainable. Of those, some “appear to have demonstrated unusual flight characteristics or performance capabilities, and require further analysis,” though anyone looking for that analysis in the report will be sorely disappointed.

  • In September 2022, the U.S. Navy admitted to having “a lot” more UAP footage, but argues that releasing it would damage national security.
  • In April 2021, the Pentagon confirmed other UAP sightings.

“I can confirm that the referenced photos and videos were taken by Navy personnel. The UAPTF has included these incidents in their ongoing examinations. As we have said before, to maintain operations security and to avoid disclosing information that may be useful to potential adversaries, DOD does not discuss publicly the details of either the observations or the examinations of reported incursions into our training ranges or designated airspace, including those incursions initially designated as UAP.”

I could keep going, but the point here is that the U.S. government, and the media, have been reporting on unidentified aerial phenomenon, in earnest, since late 2016 and early 2017. Though it was certainly not at the front and in the center, the whistleblower from June 2023 stated that extra-terrestrial bodies have been recovered… along with extra-terrestrial craft.


So let’s put the picture together on this conspiracy.

  1. The moon has had lights of various colors observed on its surface (TLPs) for centuries, and though we have some guesses as to how/why they might be there via natural means, those ideas are not proven. The origin *could* be the result of intelligence acting on the moon’s surface.
  2. When the Apollo 11 mission observed a TLP, that observation was left out of the media coverage of the mission when relayed to the public.
  3. The United States government has been discussing extra-terrestrials and extra-terrestrial craft, in the open, for several years now, all but admitting they exist.
  4. In 2019, the U.S. military converted a branch of the United States Air Force into a wholly new branch: The U.S. Space Force.
  5. World governments are in a quiet race to the moon, purportedly for mining operations.

It is certainly possible that there has been an extra-terrestrial lunar presence going back at least as far as 1,000 years. Given the observations of multi-colored lights, of unknown origin, and the increasingly loud admissions from the United States that “we are not alone” then I think all options are on the table with this topic.

This conspiracy has legs. The governments of the world appear to know moon than they are sharing and certainly our interactions with the moon, as a species, are suspicious. Is it reasonable that human beings decided to take a fifty year break between moon visits, when governments could have continued funding those missions with tax dollars? Either the visits to the moon never ceased (and instead continued in secret), we never visited at all, or perhaps *something* indicated to us that we dare not return. I find all three of those options more plausible than that the U.S. government just decided to stop wasting money.

Is it possible that extra-terrestrials (or whatever they are) could just sit in such relatively close proximity to humanity without interfering with humanity? 1) There are definitely records across the planet, of “sky people” or entities closely fitting that description, visiting us and sharing knowledge with us in the remote past. The Judeo-Christian Watchers, the Sumerian Anunnaki, Native American Sky Brothers, etc. That topic as a whole might be its own conspiracy theory post. 2) Absolutely it is possible. Perhaps they have a mission to observe and record, but to never interfere. Who can say what an E.T. might desire?

Is there (or was there) an active conspiracy regarding possible life on the moon? I think the evidence suggests that the answer to that is yes. Whether that means there actually is life on the moon, is another matter. Either way, it seems as though evidence of TLPs has been suppressed from public discourse (most notably regarding the Apollo 11 sighting where there was a notable lack of media coverage.) In addition, an overt change in policy re: UAP disclosure implies that world governments were previously suppressing evidence on that topic, also.

Keep an eye on the moon. Something sus is going on up there.

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