Dusty Poetry #90

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Pretty Mad

Stunning and insane, she raged,
With a face that drew me near,
I hoped that she might be assuaged,
But her madness caused me fear.

Some grapes grow to hate the vine,
Then mature to be a sour wine,
Some flowers turn their face from sunlight,
They dwell instead beneath the night,
Some creations think themselves divine,
And sometimes pretty things can bite.

4 thoughts on “Dusty Poetry #90

    1. I like being entertained by these people on television. I don’t enjoy them as much in real life.

      I didn’t really set out to write about a certain type of person, but it worked out that way. I can picture several people in my mind, that I know personally, who would probably not like to be thought of as “pretty mad” but definitely are.

      1. Oh absolutely, in real life I stay as far from the drama as possible. But when it comes to TV or characters I enjoy them a lot.
        I think I only know about two people that I would say are “pretty mad.”