Six Word Story #158

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    1. I suspect that’s right. Of course, there are always exceptions. The exceptions often make for good stories. Allegedly even Jeffrey Dahmer was remorseful in prison (though whether the remorse was genuine is unknowable.)

      1. Yeah, he was remorseful after becoming religious but I am skeptical about how real that remorse was. Also, I am someone who believes that fear of God/hell shouldn’t be the only thing making you remorseful. People should be remorseful of their wrongdoings because their actions being wrong not just because of the consequences of these actions.

      2. Oh, I definitely share your skepticism. In some cases though, if the perpetrator of an evil is suffering from a mental illness, or a mental health crisis, sometimes that person gets treatment in prison and genuinely does feel some amount of remorse. You don’t get off of death row with a “sorry for what I did when I was crazy” apology, though.

        I also agree regarding motivation. If the only reason you feel bad about being a cannibal is that you’re worried about going to hell, then you probably don’t actually feel remorse.

      3. Totally agree, mental illness does play a role in some crimes and people can change and feel remorse once they recover. But I think so too, sorry I had mental issues isn’t really enough for death row.
        Yeah, like being scared of going to hell isn’t the same as feeling remorse for your actions.

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