Three Sentence Stories #49

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Hector and Jack use their boots to scoot dirt and branches from the top of the round metal object that Jack nearly tripped over during their deer hunt through the somewhat remote Ouachita National Forest. Though their initial intention was to make the object more visible, and thus safer for other hunters, they soon come to realize the object is a hatch door that opens up into the ground.

With courage bolstered by the fact that they are armed, the two curious men open it and find a ladder descending into a hole, the bottom of which they cannot see.

5 thoughts on “Three Sentence Stories #49

    1. I’m pretty fascinated by the idea of secret underground places and I always have been. There’s an underground cave large enough to be a city in Turkey (Derinkuyu in Capadocia). The Longyou Caves
      in Quzhou , China are fascinating, too.

      But yeah… if you find such a place, you do not go in there! Lol.

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