Three Sentence Stories #43

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The electricity has been off for nearly two and a half weeks, the backup generator attached to my house has run out of fuel, I am almost out of food, the neighbors tell me that there is no place currently selling food or fuel, and the lack of outside aid leads us all to believe that the catastrophe is widespread.

I am tortured by knowing that the cold and gnawing hunger will soon warp my mind into a serious contemplation of a variety of self-preserving atrocities and also by the idea that someone will someday find my nameless forgotten skeleton in a house filled to almost the brim with gold, silver, and jewels.

I never imagined, seventeen days ago, when blowing out the birthday candles, that becoming the richest person on earth might have these unintended consequences.

4 thoughts on “Three Sentence Stories #43

    1. Exactly! This is one of those wishes that I’ve always spent too much time thinking about. If you somehow got a trillion dollars in hard assets.. it came from somewhere / someone, right? Wouldn’t that destabilize a lot of things?

      Even assuming you survive a temporary crisis that results from your wish being granted… you have to 1) come up with a plausible explanation for why you have all of this stuff (i.e. “I am the Count of Monte Cristo”), 2) store it some place where it won’t be stolen, and 3) keep it secret until everything is secured. At every step of the way, your life would be in serious danger from other people.

      Mo’ money, mo’ problems.

      1. I always assumed that the money would magically appear. But so much money suddenly appearing would destroy its value, destabilise the economy etc. And yes, you would most definitely be in so much danger constantly.

      2. Yeah. The magically appearing money doesn’t really work, either, for the reasons you say.

        I guess if one is going to wish for money, one should wish for a modest amount.