Three Sentence Stories #42

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A few weeks after joining the local running club, Travis asked some of his new acquaintances why they first decided to train for running marathons and he was surprised at how many of his fellow runners shared his own motivation – namely that someone else had laughed at the idea of him being able to do it.

Behind the eyes of these fit and friendly faces lurked something hungry, spiteful, determined, and familiar. He was running with a pack of wolves.

5 thoughts on “Three Sentence Stories #42

    1. Thank you! I’ve been working through some writer’s block so I wrote something kind of auto-biographical. I once joined a running club and found out nearly everyone in it was carrying around an intense “prove ____ wrong” motivation and I remember laughing because it made me picture everyone in the group so differently after.

      1. You are definitely right about that. I just did not expect to see it from that particular group of people. They were all so sweet and friendly. Then you talk to them and there’s this cold anger buried beneath the surface. (My anger is usually visible on my face.) lol

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