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Barukh she’amar
בָּרוּךְ שֶׁאָמַר 


Blessed is He who spoke.

This Hebrew phrase is the opening blessing to pesukei dezimra. From wiki:

The prominent version of Barukh sheamar contains 87 words. This is the gematria of the Hebrew word paz (פז‎) meaning “refined gold.”. An alternative text is printed in some Sephardic prayer books, often alongside the more common version.

Barukh she’amar acts as a transition in the prayer service. In the Syrian tradition, the common melody for the prayer is derived from that of Hatikvah.

Initially, Saadya Gaon instituted the recitation of barukh she’amar for Shabbat, but in France, it became a custom to recite this prayer daily. Saadya Gaon wrote in his siddur two Barukh she’amars: weekdays version has one “barukh” and Shabbath version has 12 “barukhs”. The modern version combined two Barukh she’amars versions together with 13 “barukhs” interpreting it qabbalistically like “echad” gematria.

In the Sephardic and Oriental liturgy, as well as Nusach Sefard, the custom is to recite most of the additional psalms of Shabbat (except for Psalms 92 and 93) prior to Barukh sheamar on Shabbat.

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