Dusty Poetry #80

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A Love With The Will

A pair that’s well matched
Is a goal to pursue
Grand plans can be hatched
From a complementary view

But greater still
Than a bond that’s compatible
Is a love with the will
To remain unretractable

For time will bring change
To those who start stable
Revelations rearrange
To break up when they’re able

But love can survive
And endure changing news
If those with it strive
To all else refuse

An “I” moves aside
And is replaced by a “we”
When two persons’ pride
Grows beyond “only me”

“We” has no differences
As it is all of one part
Old incoherences
Become one in one heart

As battles are fought
And butterflies grow still
The unbreakable knot
Is a love with the will

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