Six Word Story #140

5 thoughts on “Six Word Story #140

    1. I think it used to be more common in the U.S. than it is now, but Americans (particularly the rural poor) hunt and eat squirrels. I tried it once as a kid. I don’t remember thinking much about it one way or another.

      The older I get and the farther away from my rural poor roots I go, the stranger it seems. I remember thinking about this a couple years ago when Chinese wet markets, and the unusual food served there, was a big point of discussion in the news. I thought that Americans eating things like squirrels, possums, and alligators is probably a strange thought in other places. I think people probably try to eat just about anything, depending on where you live and what your food options are.

      We are a strange species.

      1. I usually think meat is meat no matter what animal it comes from. Like you mentioned it probably depends on the area you live in. Some things are normal in some countries but would be strange to others. I haven’t heard of people eating squirrel meat so it’s odd to me but it’s probably normal for people who grew up eating it.

      2. Yeah, I think eating “squirrel” would be odd even for a vast majority of Americans, too, but the U.S. is huge and you’ll find odd regional foods depending on where you are.

        The thing I heard that kind of inspired my train of thought for this SWS is something like “the world is nine missed meals from chaos.” I don’t think we all appreciate how fragile modern society really is. /DebbieDownerDusty