Dusty Poetry #71

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Divide and Be Conquered

He followed his heart,
But left his mind behind,
And his unguarded thoughts were captured.

She was led by her mind,
But went apart from her heart,
And her untended love was stolen.

9 thoughts on “Dusty Poetry #71

    1. Thank you! Yeah. When I was writing this, I was thinking about people (in broad terms) and *how* they end up being really wrong on this or that issue. I think that it is often the case that people have good intentions but get divided within themselves in one way or another. Sometimes we’re so idealistic or utopian that we stop being realistic. That can be bad when you try to apply that idealism anyway despite the fact it doesn’t work. Other times, people do things that might make a certain amount of logical sense but the decisions are cruel and callous. Logical cruelty is bad, too, and also doesn’t end well for anyone.

      1. I agree, I think sometimes we can be a little too idealistic and that doesn’t work in the real world. We need the right amount of logic and ideal.

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