Dusty Poetry #67

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Legal Corruption

A crazy old billionaire blocked out the sun
He said that he did so to save the world
But soon after the planet’s long dark had begun
Predictable cold, starving, death was unfurled

After the crowds finally got hold of the man
And after they brought down his sun-blocking shield
Hearings, reflection, and trials began
To reveal why the man had this power to wield

The paperwork showed he possessed legal right
To do as he’d done, in spite of its madness,
The government contract was to dim light,
Which now they called unintended malpractice.

Though many suffered, no crime was committed
Except by those people who joined in the mob
To the rich billionaire’s widow a payment remitted
For the loss of his life which led her to sob.

Most people sided with newsmen and leaders
And deemed this event an unlucky mistake
To do something else would need interceders
And that task would also society break.

It was later revealed after show trial’s end,
The sun-blocking business lined many a pocket,
Many to Congress did the shade-business send,
And those it paid worked against justice to block it.

Who has the job of watching the watchers?
Who stands guard when the guardians fail?
Who can remove leaders, thinkers, and botchers
Who do legal corruption at such a large scale?



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