Three Sentence Stories #25

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“My wife Wanda is the kind of person who will hurt and humiliate you, publicly, when you make a mistake, and she will argue after the fact that it was done to help you.”

“Wow, that is an intense characterization,” the marriage counselor replies over the sound of Wanda’s attempt to interject, “can you give an example of something like that which you feel she has done recently?”

“On Saturday night, in front of all of our friends at dinner, she snapped at me to pronounce it, ‘miss-chuh-vuss’ instead of ‘miss-chee-vee-us,’ and I swear the table got so quiet after, that it was like she had just casually stabbed me… and she did not even seem to notice!”

2 thoughts on “Three Sentence Stories #25

  1. Thank you. Your three sentence stories remind me of the Story Starters that I am presently writing. They are brief, self contained, and yet contain the possibility of a mega story emerging from them.