Dusty Poetry #55

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I Gave My Heart

I gave my heart away today
To one who thawed its ice away
I hoped love would be better placed
In someone who with warmth embraced
The spark in me I’d tried to slay

The game of love calls one to play
With fire – and I recall the way
I felt aflame when last in haste
I gave my heart

Yet prolonged cold led me to pray
For opportunities to sway
A new flame to regret the waste
Of life unlived, of hearts unraced,
So today, when love had its say,
I gave my heart



Originating in France, a mainly octosyllabic poem consisting of between 10 and 15 lines and three stanzas. It has only two rhymes, with the opening words used twice as an unrhyming refrain at the end of the second and third stanzas. The 10-line version rhymes ABBAABc ABBAc (where the lower-case “c” stands for the refrain). The 15-line version often rhymes AABBA AABc AABAc. Geoffrey Chaucer’s “Now welcome, summer” at the close of The Parlement of Fowls is an example of a 13-line rondeau.