Dusty Poetry #50

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The Last ARgument With a Hypocrite

I wore your name proudly
You dishonored it loudly
I followed your rules
You consorted with fools
I loved like you taught me
You embraced those who fought me
I made peace with all others
By opposing your brothers
I gave alms to the needy
You gave crumbs, you were greedy
I cared for the humbled
You just watched as they stumbled

Give me a chance, I will show you
Depart from me, I don’t know you

2 thoughts on “Dusty Poetry #50

    1. Thank you! “Self-awareness” is an interesting idea. I think sometimes a lack of self-awareness is accidental but other times it is intentional. Sometimes, once hypocrisy is pointed out, we see it and repent of it, or correct it. Other times, we have opportunities to see things about ourselves and simply choose not to see it.