Dusty Poetry #46

6 thoughts on “Dusty Poetry #46

    1. I think it happens to everyone eventually. In the best case, though, when it does, hopefully you’re not working at an air traffic control tower, engineering bridges, or negotiating peace between nuclear powers.

    1. Oh I know that they do (especially that last group.) Those particular jobs just present opportunities for especially bad outcomes when those lapses do occur.

      If the waitress at Waffle House brings someone the wrong plate, it’s not likely that anyone dies.

      Ironically, in a lot of respects, Boomers whose minds have not betrayed them too much yet are holding our society together. A large portion of the younger population has almost non-existent attention spans. I’m not sure what society will look like when the social media generation runs everything.

      1. Ahem. Negligent waitresses can kill. Suppose you ordered a grilled cheeze sammidge. Finally, the prize arrives. Your wait[person] Sally Jean thunks the plate down in front of you. You, in your eagerness to bite into that delightful artery-clogger chow down. Unbeknownst to you, she has confused your Grilled Cheeze with someone else’s Fried PB&Honey. You DO know you are allergic to goobers. Whoops!

      2. Lol. Well, I did say “not likely.” Good point, though. Gotta have those epi pens at the ready – assuming you can get a 2nd mortgage on your house to afford one.