Three Sentence Stories #3

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A persistent clicking and clacking of keyboard strokes are Jennifer Pickerell’s primary weapons of expression. Her internet life tells the story of a vibrant woman who loves online shopping and cat memes, has hundreds of followers, and wants nothing more and nothing less than a better world than the one we have now.

And yet…she cannot shake the feeling that those typing noises are a self-delusion, a defiant and meaningless scream into an endless abyss, intended to distract from a real life that is oppressively silent.

2 thoughts on “Three Sentence Stories #3

  1. It’s fascinating what voice the virtual world offers each and everyone one of us! Great piece!

    P.S. I also wanted to make a quick mention that I will be moving on to my own blog going forward (temporarily cross-posting content to warn readers on Bookidote) and that I’d love for us to remain connected over on my new blog ( Don’t feel obligated to do so though! Stay safe!

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