Dusty Poetry #34

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An Evening Walk to Observe a Christmas Lights Display

Whose lights are these I do not know
That give to me a splendid show;
Their owner will not know I’m here
To see this festive Christmas cheer.

Alone outside I do not talk,
As I pause my evening walk
For bulbs that glow in colored ease
On roofline, windows, hedge, and trees.

A car approaches up the road
And slows to gaze at the abode,
But soon the engine hums away
And silence falls on the display.

I amble down the road to home –
With no more streets tonight to roam –
And wonder who the one might be
Who hung the lights for me to see.

2 thoughts on “Dusty Poetry #34

  1. Once again Dusty, your site (or my browser) makes it difficult to comment. Which, in this case, follows: A wonderfully delightful work. Excellently crafted and speaking marvelously of a season most all of us revere with feelings evoked by this poem. Well done!