Six Word Story #76

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The demon, ironically summoned, appeared anyway.

6 thoughts on “Six Word Story #76

    1. I have made the observation that a lot of people who mess with the occult claim to do so for fun or they say that they are doing it ironically. Even “The Church of Satan” claims that they do not believe in a literal devil. A lot of touring musicians do strange ono-stage performances that look like occult rituals. I mean, a LOT of Super Bowl halftime shows for the last several years look a little bit like some type of ritual. There’s currently a lot of conspiracy / “ritual” talk about the tragic Travis Scott concert in Houston, TX. The backdrop of the extremely creepy stage while people were dying in the crowd crush was very eerie.

      So… when I was writing that I just wondered what would happen if all that cutural messing around around with the Dark Side brought about an actual demon. Do demons or devils care if you are not “sincere” when you worship them or summon them? My guess is no.