Dusty Poetry #30

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A day will come when tide will turn
And long latent hopes become real,
But first the waiting as old worlds burn
Will test patient hearts while they heal.

Fire must consume and cauterize
The corrupted wounds that now kill.
Lest soon hope arrives, and does surmise,
That those who were dead are so still.

Suffering is necessary.
Change insists that we do the same.
Fortune for those who don’t first tarry
Will likely not aid but will maim.

Suffering is not a choice.
All find themselves in the flame.
We choose to curse or to rejoice –
We choose to change, endure, or blame.

All are engulfed. Pain often hurries.
Find joy in the wait for relief.
The fire refines, removes, and buries.
We are eternal. This life is brief.

6 thoughts on “Dusty Poetry #30

  1. Hm.. From my “reader” your comment block still thinks my deodorant is weak. I have to come in the back door. About this suffering post, I’m gonna have to work on understanding a bit. Don’t worry. (She said) It’s not you. It’s me. You do know I am a bit thick at times.

    1. If anyone else sees this, and is having the same trouble with commenting, please let me know.

      Most of the time when I write a poem I have no idea what I am/was trying to say until much later. So as to understanding my work, I don’t know if you are in good company but you are at least in my company.

    1. Thank you! I am treating my poetry writing endeavors as a “fake it until you make it” opportunity. I appreciate the kind words!

      Soon I will blend in with the talented WP poetry writing community and nobody will notice any longer that I’m wearing a growling Chewie mask.

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