The Sound and the Fury (TBR)

The next book I will be reading (listening to) and reviewing is The Sound and the Fury, by William Faulkner, narrated by Grover Gardner. This is an 8 hour and 51 minutes long recording. I hope to review this sometime next week.

I have no memory of ever having read this novel – or any Faulkner novel. However I know that lack of memory is completely false because I vividly remember having once had a teacher in school that was obsessed with Faulkner and who regularly discussed Yoknapatawpha County, Miss. There is zero chance that occurred without my having been assigned some Faulkner somewhere along the way, too.

Either way, I feel I owe it to William Faulkner to read some of his novels because I once went on a pleasant tour of his former stomping grounds while visiting Oxford, MS.

Publisher’s Summary:

First published in 1929, Faulkner created his “heart’s darling”, the beautiful and tragic Caddy Compson, whose story Faulkner told through separate monologues by her three brothers: the idiot Benjy, the neurotic suicidal Quentin, and the monstrous Jason.