Dusty Poetry #16

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A Relic of Atlantis

Far beneath the ocean deep
Where Hydra lurked and fish now sleep
A relic of Atlantis waits
To travel up from Hades’ gates

Gods came down and cursed mankind
With offspring that they left behind
A hybrid race of giants born
By wives they took, from humans torn

They built towers and a kingdom
They promised all from God their freedom
Their great capital an eye
That stares in menace at the sky

They planned to storm the Throne of Grace
They vowed that they would God replace
They led the sons of man to change
From imagers to something strange

Their weapons were not of the world
Their schemes were not for men unfurled
Their leader named now by some Poseidon
Held aloft a deadly trident

In a moment God descended
From damnation, he defended
The creation from corruption
The earth exploded with eruption

Water poured from up and down
And the wicked world did drown
The usurpers’ king with God did match
The Lord of Hosts did him dispatch

The devils chained and locked away
In Hell awaiting Judgment Day
The city where they dwelled wiped clean
From Earth – as though they’d never been

But behind they did leave traces
For those who search in darkest places
They left remembered sorceries
And offspring, too, God’s forgeries

The people who survived the Flood
Retained corruption in their blood
Abomination done again
Returned were those who had been slain

New giant clans settled in Canaan
Where some built alters there to Dagan
God’s people chosen slew them all
Who by celestial fall were tall

The Spirits of those dead remain
Seeking new hosts as theirs were slain
They long to build another Tower
To demonstrate to all their power

Demon disciples search the waves
The desert sands and deepest caves
They also search through their own blood
To raise the giants from the mud

Most of all they seek a key
To unlock immortality
Neptune’s defeat his trident cost
Somewhere deep and dark is lost

Now far beneath the ocean deep
Where Hydra lurked and fish now sleep
A relic of Atlantis waits
To travel up from Hades’ gates


I am currently reading The Hobbit. After reading The Misty Mountains Cold, I was inspired to try writing something that tells a story. It still needs some work but I do not really write poems here as finished products. I write… to write. My goal is to force my brain’s creative muscles to produce content despite a short turnaround.

The poem above is kind of an amalgamation of established history, mythology, and apparently also the movie Aquaman. I hope this goes without saying, but in case it does not, I am not trying to make any claims about a correlation between a potentially real Atlantis, the plot of the movie Aquaman, The Great Flood, the idea of pantheons being related to the Bible’s account of The Watchers, etc. It’s just a story.