Dusty Poetry #10

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The Fix


Sometimes you write something and then you get a niggling feeling that this is not entirely your original work. Such was the case with Dusty Poetry #10. After writing this, I decided to go look for the potential source of my inspiration. It did not take too much searching.

It turns out that my brain conjured up the lyrics to a song by an English rock band called “Elbow” (I’ll link a video below) which I have not heard in several years. I do know the song though and I definitely must have ripped it off in writing this. Their song “The Fix” is about rigging a horse race… but you’ll see that the similarities are pretty obvious.

I confess all of this to you because I am fascinated by the way memory works and how mine drew from something creatively without my overt intention. I also just like this song and I want to share it.