Dusty Poetry #7

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Behind The Mask

I saw the face behind the mask
I will not soon forget
Not human, no, he was an asp
A viper from the pit.

I’d known the man for many years
His words sat with me well
How could I know laughter and tears
Hid a demon from hell

A storm arose which blew us fierce
Did knock his mask aside
Green scaly skin and fangs that pierce
Beneath his human hide

His nature now to me revealed
Horror gripped my soul
But for the wind, he’d be concealed
No warnings could I toll

I saw him still and still disguised
His serpent eyes peer out
His scheme now fully recognized
I longed to give a shout

But he’s not alone behind a mask
I cannot now unsee
I could not raise a cry to ask
‘Cause snake eyes stared at me

I set myself then to a task
‘True brothers must I find’
I saw the asps behind the masks
And to them most are blind

A human here, another there
I whispered an alarm
“Look about and give a care
Masked creatures mean us harm.”

Not all my brothers would believe
Some chose to laugh instead
“This nonsense I will not not receive
Perhaps you bumped your head?”

Those who will see now make our plans
To leave the serpents’ towns
We’ll set out for the vast expanse
Before the masked ones pounce


Since I started trying to write poetry a few weeks ago, there has been no consistent method to my madness. This afternoon, I had the line “I saw a face behind the mask I will not soon forget” pop into my head. The rest just kind of went from there. It should probably not be surprising that someone who enjoys They Live might write something like what you read above.