Highlander (Season 2, Ep 39): Warmonger

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For those of you that don’t want to read the long recap, I provide a quick episode summary here at the top. You can also just scroll down to the “REACTION” heading below.


The episode begins as a man named Drake sets the President of a country up with a prostitute. He interrupts the President before he can sleep with the woman to criticize his decision to sign a peace accord with their nation’s enemy. As punishment, Drake kills the President and frames the prostitute for the crime. Later, at the ballet, Duncan stops an assassination against against the Immortal Drake. The would-be assassin is an old man wants revenge for Drake’s war crimes, years earlier, in Romania. Duncan tells the now old assassin that his efforts to kill Drake will not work. That does not prevent the old man, Eli, from attempting again later and getting shot for his trouble.

Another attendee at the ballet was reporter Beth Vaughn. She notices that Duncan and Drake speak briefly at the ballet. She puts herself in danger trying to get the truth about Drake. She tells Duncan that she believes Drake killed the President to kill the peace talks. We learn that in Russia, during the Bolshevik Revolution, Duncan once made an agreement with Drake never to fight him unless they were the last two Immortals left. Duncan made the agreement to spare the lives of some of his friends. Drake believes decades later that Duncan will honor the agreement. Howver, Duncan promises Eli on his death bed that he will stop Drake. When Duncan tracks down Drake, he has kidnapped the reporter with plans to take her to his home country. Before the plane can leave, Duncan draws Drake into a fight in the terminal. Duncan wins the fight and saves Beth from her kidnappers.


The opening credits have changed! Philip Akin is now gone. Richie – who never seems to appear in any episodes – is still listed. Duncan’s French barge neighbor, played by actor Michael Modo, is now getting the full-time cast member treatment. Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson closes out the credited actors list.

The episode starts with a young attractive scantily clad woman lying in bed. She says to someone, “you’re my first President,” just as we see a much older man replying that he hopes he lived up to her expectations. The, uh, President walks around the bed to sit next to her and asks what he has done to deserve such a beautiful present. The woman replies that she saw him on television today and that he did a great thing.

President: Sometimes making peace is more difficult than making war.
Woman: Than making love?
President: We’ll see, won’t we?

Just then, the woman and the President notice another man in the room. The President asks Drake what he is doing here and Drake replies that he is the President’s security advisor and says that he is checking on the President’s security. Drake sends the woman to the other room to get dressed and tells the President that they have a problem.

President: With the girl?
Drake: No, with you. We discussed the position you would take at the peace talks.

The President says that he has been to too many funerals and has seen too many children die. He tells Drake that they needed compromise. Drake says that he is afraid he has misjudged him and that it won’t happen again. The President asks if that means he will send the girl back in. Drake says that it is a little soon to send her back inside, given the national tragedy. The President asks him what he is talking about and Drake pulls a pistol – with a silencer attached – and tells the President that he was found dead tonight.

President: History will d*** you for this.
Drake: I am history.

Drake shoots the President. He calls the woman, Nicole, back into the room. He tells her that if she wants to live, she will pick up the gun. She hesitates and he tells her again more forcefully. She picks up the gun. As she does, he points another gun at her head.

Drake: How could you assassinate our President?

Sometime later, a young attractive woman is trying to get into Mr. Drake’s box at a concert. She tells the man at the ticket booth that her name is Elizabeth Vaughn and that she is Mr. Drake’s good friend. The man taking tickets tells her that she could be Mr. Drake’s own mother and that she would not get into his box without a ticket. Duncan is in line behind her. She turns around abruptly and bumps into him. She apologizes and says that today is not her day. Duncan says that he could not help overhearing and he tells her that he has an extra ticket because a friend of his is ill.

She looks out the window and sees a car pull up. She tells Duncan that she will take him up some other time but declines his offer. Duncan proceeds to get his own ticket and go inside. Before he gets inside, though, he feels the presence of another Immortal.

Elizabeth Vaughn approaches Drake and says that she is with the European Observer. Drake, noticing Duncan, tells her that he knows who she is. He further says that he made his comments at the press conference and has nothing else to add.

Vaughn: Who brought the girl?
Drake: I don’t know.
Vaughn: But you were in charge of security, wouldn’t it be your business to know? Didn’t you usually pimp for the President?

Vaughn asks her what she is implying and she says that his eyewitness report might not be too reliable. He tells her that he was the eyewitness, to which she replies, “exactly.” Drake’s security tells her that will be enough. Vaughn yells at him from a distance that she will see him in church. Duncan observes this entire exchange from a distance.

An old man walks up beside Duncan and pulls out a pistole, aiming it at Drake. Duncan sees and disarms him while urging him quietly that this is a bad idea. Drake approaches Duncan and the man and expresses surprise that MacLeod is still here. Duncan tells him that the sooner he goes inside, the better. Drake notices the old man and asks if he knows him.

Drake: Ah yes, I remember now. How’s the family?

Drake smirks at the older man and goes inside to the ballet. Duncan urges the older man quietly that going after Drake will be throwing his life away. The man replies that he has no life. He also tells Duncan that he could see in his face that he knows what Drake is. Duncan tells him that it does not matter and that the old man should go home for his own good.

Just outside, Duncan finds Elizabeth Vaughn trying to get past security and being manhandled for her trouble. He intervenes with the security guard. The guard attempts to punch MacLeod but is quickly disabused of the idea that Duncan will accept his punches. After restraining him in about three seconds, Duncan suggests to the guard that they not make a scene and forcibly removes the guard to the other side of the door. Vaugh asks Duncan if he has a habit of helping women in distress and he tells her that he only does so at the ballet.

She suggests that she is free for the night after all and asks him if they can go inside. Duncan gives her his tickets and tells her that he lost his appetite but to be his guest. He leaves and she decides to follow him down the sidewalk instead of going inside. As they walk, she calls after him as she catches up and apologizes, introducing herself as Beth Vaughn. Beth tells Duncan that she saw him speaking with Drake and asks if they know each other. She also asks who the old man was. Duncan tells her that he has no idea who the old man was and asks her why she is so interested in Drake.

Beth: He’s a security advisor and his President gets killed just before he is going to sign a peace treaty? Incredible coincidence.
Duncan: You think Drake arranged it?
Beth: I would but it doesn’t add up. Drake pulled the strings that made the President.
Duncan: Maybe the strings broke.

Beth says that if he did it, that it will come out. She says Drake can run but he can’t hide. Duncan tells her not to count on that. Suddenly Beth, leaning against a door, says that this is where she gets off. She tells Duncan that if he comes inside that she will buy him a drink. Duncan says that he does not want to be interrogated for more information about Drake. Beth, smiling, asks him what more he can tell her about him. Duncan just replies that she needs to be careful around him.

Beth: [smiling] Why should I be careful around him?
Duncan: Good night, Beth.

MacLeod continues on down the sidewalk a short distance before he is jumped by the old man from the ballet. The old man is quickly restrained by Duncan. Duncan tells him that he can get hurt doing that and the man replies that he wants his gun back. MacLeod tells him the gun will not do him any good. The old man replies by telling Duncan his name, Eli Jarmel, and that Drake would not be the first pig he has slaughtered. Duncan tells him again that the only person who would die would be Eli.

Eli tells Duncan that he can see he is not a coward and that he knows hate when he sees it. He then tells Duncan to come with him so that he can see why Drake has to die. He tells Duncan that he owes it to him. Macleod complies and follows the man to his home.

The inside of Eli’s home is covered with piles of paper. Other notes and papers are tacked to his walls.

Eli: Africa, Bosnia, Armenia — Arthur Drake is devouring them all like a cancer. And what is it you do with cancer?
Duncan: Cut it out.
Eli: Exactly.

Eli asks Duncan if he believes in pure unadulterated evil. Eli says that he has followed Drake for years and he goes on to say that tonight is the first time he has been close enough to kill Drake. Duncan takes the information in and looks around the man’s apartment. He sees a picture and asks Eli if this is his family. The old man tells him that they are in Romania and that he was not always a killer. He says that they are so young – and so alive – in the picture. Then he says Drake came with his secret police. Eli says his family went underground but that Drake took his wife and children and held them demanding that Eli return to turn in his brothers.

Eli: I couldn’t do it.
Duncan: He killed them.
Eli: One at a time. Then he hung them in front of the store.

Eli asks Duncan why he stopped him tonight and Duncan says he would not have done any good and he goes on to say that he cannot get involved himself. He advises Eli to stop living in the past. The old man tells him that the past is all he has now. Duncan tells Eli that he will have to live with his past, as he tossed the old man his gun.

Eli: You saved him. You live with that.

At the bottom of the stairs, Duncan runs into two young armed men. One of them tells Duncan that there is no need for him to get involved. Duncan asks if they want the old man and as an answer they begin fighting. MacLeod quickly beats up the two men and throws them outside. Duncan yells at them to tell Drake to leave the old man alone and to tell him that Duncan MacLeod said so. Just then, Eli descends down the stairs to see the aftermath of the fight.

Eli: MacLeod, for someone who doesn’t like to get involved I like the way you show it.

Sometime later, Duncan is alone in his barge. Beth Vaughn the reporter, uh, barges in. He asks how she found him and she replies that she wouldn’t be a very good investigative reporter if she could not find him. Duncan offers her coffee and tells her that he is not a story. Beth replies that she does not know what he is but she says he is a story. She says that she spoke with Paris police and found out that Duncan has a thick file filled with stories of dodging bullets and stopping bad guys. She points out that a lot of people know a lot about him and that they also seem to know nothing about him.

Beth: Where’d you go to elementary school? What’s your mother’s maiden name? See, I can be a real pain in the a** when I want to be.
Duncan: If I talk to you about Drake, you’ll stop investigating me.

Duncan smiles and tells her that he does not take well to blackmail. She tells him that all she wants is for him to go to dinner with herself and Drake tonight. MacLeod is surprised and Beth tells him that Drake invited both of them. Duncan advises her not to go.

Beth: Stalin’s gone, Mao’s gone, and Saddam Hussein isn’t giving interviews, I’d be crazy not to go.

Duncan tells her no and he walks her out of the barge. He picks up a piece of lumber to split it with an ax and…


Duncan is in either Eastern Europe or Russia in the early 20th century. He is splitting wood with an ax. A carriage approaches from up the road. As it gets close to where Duncan is splitting wood, it stops. Its occupants, Alexandra and Joseph step out. Alexandra asks Duncan if he ever gets tired. Ivan, a gigantic man who has been splitting wood with Duncan also joins them. Alexandra asks him, Ivan, if he will be joining them tonight for dinner and Ivan says that he and his wife will. Ivan bows formally and refers to her as Countess Avernova. She tells him to stop bowing and that her name is plain Comrade Avernova now. Ivan, gigantic, grizzled, with gray hair and beard, says he will never get used to it.

A moment later, a car approaches. Ivan identifies its passengers as Bolsheviks. The armed men approach and inform Katerina Avernova (I thought she was Alexandra?) that they have a warrant her for arrest and the arrest of her family. Duncan takes the warrant and asks by whose order the arrest warrant was issued. The man says it was issued by Comrade Drakov.

Katerina says that they have done nothing wrong. He tells her that the committee will decide that and he orders the rest of his men to take them. Duncan initially resists but is outnumbered. He shouts as they take Katerina away “what crime?” and the soldier says that is up to Comrade Drakov.

A short time later, Drake is examining what appears to be diamonds with a magnifying glass. He feels the presence of another Immortal. Duncan enters with a soldier hostage and two other soldiers as escorts. Drake tells the Bolsheviks that they can leave and he tells them to shut the door when they go. Duncan sees the diamonds and asks if that is a gift from the proletariat.

Drake: The currency of chaos. Paper money may rise and fall but diamonds are forever.

Drake asks Duncan if he has come for him and Duncan replies that it’s still an open question. He tells Drake that he wants the Avernovs freed and that they have done nothing wrong. Drake says that is beside the point.

Drake: The revolution needs enemies and the Avernovs are – convenient.

MacLeod says convenience is not a crime and asks Drake why he is doing this. Drake replies that he cannot be king so he may as well help destroy the monarchy. He asks Duncan what prevents their kind from becoming kings or presidents and Duncan tersely replies that Drake knows the answer to that – it’s their Immortality. Drake agrees. He says that when there is enough chaos people do not care who leads them. Duncan asks if he wants anarchy and Drake says that he does noting that soon Russia will fall into chaos and then the rest of Europe. MacLeod says that will never happen but Drake says he has plenty of time.

Duncan says again that he wants the Avernovs freed. Drake tells him that it’s too late and that the committee expects their deaths. Duncan tells him that if they die, he will lose his head. Drake says that is not enough reason.

Drake: I want your solemn vow that you will not fight me unless we are the last two.

As the Avernovs lines up with their backs against a wall, the firing squad prepares to shoot them.

A few moments after we hear “ready, aim” we see the Avernovs leaving. Outside, Katerina thanks Duncan but he tells her not all is well. Drake informs her that the committee has decided to take their family’s land and possessions. She is flabbergasted and says that she would rather die than lose their home. Duncan tells her quietly to think about the children. As she gets in a carriage to leave, Duncan puts Drake’s diamonds into her hand and tells her that they are Drakov’s and to think of it is a gift from the proletariat for a new home and a new beginning.

As their carriage leaves, Duncan approaches Drake/Drakov. Duncan says that he will allow them to live and Drake agrees that they will be left alone in exile. Duncan gave Drake his word never to fight him unless they are the last two Immortals.

Back in the present, Beth is at dinner with Drake. After commenting on how much better the food is here than at the embassy, he tells Beth that the Vice President will be flying in shortly and that they will investigate every possible link in the assassination. She asks if he will investigate without the police and Drake reminds her that an Embassy is sovereign territory. She notes that if the killer is a diplomat he will have diplomatic immunity.

Just then, Drake feels Duncan’s presence just before a well-dress MacLeod enters the room. As he sits at their table, Drake asks if he could not resist the company and Duncan says that he wanted to hear Drake’s story.

Duncan: So how did that girl smuggle a gun into the embassy?
Drake: She had help from the inside.

Drake says that they will find the traitor soon to which MacLeod says that he has no doubt Drake will find a suitable candidate to be the traitor. Drake accuses MacLeod of making a job but says that there is now no doubt that their enemies want war. Beth says that she thinks Drake is rushing things as the President has not yet even been buried.

Drake asks how MacLeod and Beth met. Beth says that they met at the ballet. Drake, astonished that Duncan would come all this way for someone he just met, speculates aloud that it must have been love at first sight.

Beth senses that the two Immortals have history so she asks how they know each other. Drake says Duncan should tell the tale. Duncan tells her that he was trading once in Russia when he came across Mr. Drake. Drake replies that Duncan drives a hard bargain but that men of good will came make arrangements with each other. When Beth asks what they were trading for, Duncan says that it no longer matters.

After dinner, at her taxi, Drake asks Beth if he can count on her to write that their enemies still want war. She replies that she will write the truth and that he can count on that. After she leaves, Drake remarks that it is so much easier to tell them what to write.

Duncan: Or shoot them.
Drake: [laughing] I do miss the good old days.

Just then, Eli steps out with a loaded pistol and shoots Drake from a distance. Drake’s guards return fire at the old man, hitting him.

Sometime later, Duncan is wearing a hospital gown and is at Eli’s hospital bedside. When Eli wakes up, Duncan tells him that he can dance tomorrow. Eli replies that the only dancing he will be doing is on his own grave. Eli says then that he did what he had to and that Drake is dead. Duncan tells him, in turn, his told Eli that Drake was a hard man to kill.

Eli: Then you kill him. There’s no one else.

Duncan explains that he once bargained with Drake to save lives. He says that in exchange he gave his word to leave Drake alone.

Eli: You think your word to Drake is your honor? This is not about honor. This is about your pride, your vanity. Break your word. It means nothing to him.
Duncan; I can’t. It means a great deal to me. I’m sorry.
Eli: Go to h***!

Duncan, wounded by those words, runs into Beth at the door. He tells her that Drake killed this man’s family and that the shooting was revenge. He says that’s the end of the story. Beth shares with Duncan that she checked around on the alleged Presidential assassin. She says that the girl is a farm girl with no connections to anyone. Beth says that this means Drake killed the President and she asks Duncan what he is going to do. Duncan asks her why she thinks he will do anything.

Beth: Because I think you can.

Sometime later, Drake is meeting with the Vice President and is irritated to learn that the Vice President wants to sign the peace accords. Drake says that the other side wants to wipe them out but the Vice President says he has no proof. He gives Drake two days to prove his case, at which time he says he will then sign the peace agreement. When the Vice President walks away, Drake tells one of his security officers that the Vice President will need to be replaced. The man replies, “of course,” and Drake tells him that it is for the good of the country.

Later, Drake meets privately with Duncan at a cemetery. He tells Duncan that he picked the place because it is on Holy Ground and so that Duncan can pick a burial spot for the old man while he is here. Duncan tells him not to push it and asks why they are meeting. Drake says that he wants to be certain that they still have an understanding. Duncan tells him that he killed Eli’s wife and children and Drake says that they were details in a plan. Duncan angrily retorts that they are not details, they’re people. Drake disagrees and argues that they (Immortals) rule the world and that they are its masters. Duncan disagrees again saying that they should be the world’s teachers.

Duncan: They build the civilizations, they make the history, while we live in the shadows killing each other. What have you ever created? Except chaos and death.

Drake says that he is good at his job. MacLeod mocks him and asks if his job is to watch everything come crashing down. Drake replies that it will happen sooner than Duncan thinks. He adds that he and Duncan cannot agree on everything but says that they do have an agreement and that he expects it to be honored. Duncan gives him a warning to try not to run into him too often. Then he leaves.

On the barge, Duncan’s barge neighbor Maurice tells Duncan that he can see something is wrong. He asks if it is about a woman and Duncan tells him that a friend is dying. Maurice gives a monologue about the preciousness of life and, thus, the value of a good bottle of wine and laughs with friends. He tells Duncan that he does not believe that he would want to live forever. He asks Duncan if he would.

In the next scene, Duncan is back in a hospital gown and at Eli’s hospital bed again. As he enters, the nurse shakes her head as if to indicate Eli is not doing well. Duncan tells Eli that he went by his apartment and the old man asks him if he went by to rob the dead. Duncan gives him a picture of his family. Eli is not impressed. He tells Duncan that he promised his family, on their graves, that he would not let Eli continue killing.

Duncan: Eli, Eli. He won’t kill again.
Eli: You promise?
Duncan: For whatever it’s worth.
Eli: Good.

Eli dies a moment later and Duncan rests the picture next to his head on the pillow.

Sometime later, Beth is walking down a Paris sidewalk at night when she is abruptly kidnapped by one of Drake’s men. He points a gun at her and orders her to get in the car.

We next see Beth Vaughn tied to a chair and speaking with Drake. She tells him to be careful as they are in France and not the penny ante dictatorship where he is from. Drake reminds her that she is in the embassy and in the embassy, he is the law. He tells her that she can write what she likes but first she will be accompanying him back to his home country for the President’s funeral.

Beth: You’re crazy.
Drake: Just cautious.

She shouts no as two of Drake’s men approach her with a syringe. Later, one of his men put a drugged Beth into a taxi. Drake leaves the embassy, speaking with another man, ordering him to arrest the Vice President for murder and to alert the press that he has uncovered a conspiracy. Drake gets into Beth’s taxi and it leaves.

Duncan is crouched stealthily on the embassy’s roof and jumps off of it to sneak inside. Inside, he grabs one of Drake’s henchmen in a chokehold and forces Drake’s whereabouts from him before knocking him out.

Henchman: This is the embassy. We have diplomatic immunity!
Duncan: [punch] Not from me.

Drake’s car arrives at the airport. He exits the car. He senses Duncan. Inside the terminal, Duncan senses him. Drake hands a briefcase to one of his men and tells the man to wait for him on the plane as he will be right back. In the terminal, he asks Duncan about their agreement and Duncan tells him that he changed his mind. Drake asks about his precious Highland honor and Duncan asks him in turn about his sense of humor. Drake tells Duncan that his sense of humor is boarding the plane. Duncan looks over his shoulder and sees Beth being carried up the steps and into the plane.

Duncan gets out his sword. Drake takes off his coat, does the same, and points out that Duncan let “that old fool” get to him.

Drake: It’s our kind that makes history, not his.
Duncan: He was a man. His name was Eli Jarmel. Remember him when I take your head.

The duel begins. Drake is not Duncan’s best opponent though he does manage to knock MacLeod’s sword free from his hand at one point. Swordless, Duncan holds Drake off easily, punches him in the face, and gets his sword back. Both men swing swords at each other when…

the camera moves outside the terminal. We see electricity through a terminal window from the outside. As the lights inside the terminal begin to go out, and as noise comes from inside the building, two of Drake’s henchmen stare at the terminal from the airplane door, at the top of the stairs. One of them moves as if to go inside but the other puts a hand on his chest and reminds him that Drake said to wait.

A moment later, a man in Drake’s trenchcoat and Drake’s hat exits the terminal. Both men smile and go inside to take a seat in the plane. We see the duel winner from behind as he enters the plane. Thwack! Thwack! He throws one of them men to the pavement from the airplane door. Still outside the plane, we now see a hatless Duncan checking on Beth. He helps her out of the airplane and down the steps. She tells him she can walk but not well. Outside the plane, Duncan runs into the pilot and tells him that he thinks the flight’s been canceled.

Sometime later, the camera shows us a newspaper headline that reads “Peace Accords Signed” with a smaller article headline that reads “Security Advisor Drake Missing.” Duncan and Beth are reading the article together on a couch. She asks Duncan what he thinks of the article and he tells her to expect a call from the New York Times. He asks her why she is so glum and she tells him that Drake got away.

Duncan: Sometimes justice happens when you least expect it and not always in a newspaper.

He then clinks his glass against hers and takes a drink. She asks Duncan if he really thinks that Drake will get what is coming to him and Duncan suggests that perhaps he already has. She says that there is something Duncan is not telling her and he offers her more champagne in reply.

Beth: So, when do I get to know you?
Duncan: You already know me.
Beth: I mean, in the biblical sense.

She takes a break to ask if she is coming on too strong and Duncan tells her no, that’s about right.


This story was just a little bit too far-fetched for me. And yes, I know that this is a show about Immortals who fight sword duels to the death. And yes, I know that those sword duel deaths result in lightning storms.

When a country’s president is assassinated, do key members of that country’s delegation subsequently go on about their business uninterrupted and unfollowed by the locals? Shouldn’t French intelligence be all up in Duncan’s business for talking with Drake at the ballet and again later at a dinner? In addition, am I supposed to believe that Drake’s country’s embassy does not have security cameras? Duncan was definitely on camera sneaking into that place. Duncan gives that big speech about how Immortals are supposed to live in the shadows, teaching and helping where they can, but realistically his actions in this episode should have made him a person of interest for pretty much every serious intelligence gathering organization on earth.

Further, the guy who attempted to kill Drake, in public, seemed to be an afterthought to even the police. Maybe Drake just chose not to report the incident and also managed to keep everyone else from the doing the same? That’s the only thing that makes sense. I have no idea how he would have done that, though. The show didn’t bother to tell me.

That’s not all that bothers me, though. Eli’s family was killed by Drake and presumably that happened decades ago. Drake is Immortal. Shouldn’t have noticed that Drake is not aging? Further, if Drake is operating with the Eastern Bloc (from the Russian Revolution through the early 1990s) shouldn’t the fact he is not aging be standing out at this point?

None of that makes any sense.

In the flashback, Duncan starts out calling the woman Alexandra and then subsequently calls her Katerina. Is that an oopsie or did I miss something?

This episode was not all bad, though. I actually enjoyed the flashback scenes. Duncan… looks right.. in Russia. Then again, Adrian Paul is such a handsome chameleon that he looks right anywhere, at any time.

Duncan’s internal wrestling match with keeping a solemn vow not to fight Drake, verses doing the right and actually fighting him, is well executed.

The best line of the episode was during the flashback.

Drake: Paper money may rise and fall but diamonds are forever.

Drake was onto something, I think.

What did I think of Beth? I don’t know. She was forward and Duncan seemed to be fine with that. At a minimum, I appreciated that she noticed there was something much more to Duncan that meets the eye within the first meeting. It usually takes people at least a few episodes. In a sense, her actions in this episode are bizarre. She kind of assumes blindly that this Scottish guy in a ponytail, who she just met, can just take care of the head of a nation-state’s security apparatus. However… her blind trust in him indicates the charismatic presence you might expect someone like Duncan to have after four hundred years of handling things.

One interesting little socio-political tidbit sprinkled into this episode is that Intel/Security in a country can be as powerful, or more powerful, than the elected officials that they serve. Who investigates the investigators?

Perhaps the heart of the episode, or at least the intended heart of it, was the conversation between Duncan and Drake regarding the role of Immortals in the world. Drake views Immortals as the masters of the world but Duncan rightly points out that Immortals do not create anything. How can they be masters of a world that they do not build? In an odd way, it felt like the type of conversation we might imagine angels having amongst themselves. Drake was not happy with his role in the world whereas Duncan finds fulfillment in teaching and helping.

All in all, this was an okay episode. Any chance we will see Beth again? Probably not. How about Richie? He’s in the credits but has largely been MIA for most of the season.

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