The Wheel of Time

The Eye of the World

Chapter 1: And Empty Road
Chapter 2: Strangers

Chapter 3: The Peddler
Chapter 4: The Gleeman

Chapter 5: Winternight
Chapter 6: The Westwood

Chapter 7: Out of the Woods
Chapter 8: A Place of Safety
Chapter 9: Tellings of the Wheel

Chapter 10: Leavetaking
Chapter 11: The Road to Taren Ferr
Chapter 12: Across the Taren
Chapter 13: Choices

Chapter 14: The Stag and Lion
Chapter 15: Strangers and Friends
Chapter 16: The Wisdom
Chapter 17: Watchers and Hunters
Chapter 18: The Caemlyn Road

Chapter 19: Shadow’s Waiting
Chapter 20: Dust On The Wind
Chapter 21: Listen to the Wind
Chapter 22: A Path Chosen
Chapter 23: Wolfbrother

Chapter 24: Flight Down the Arinelle
Chapter 25: The Traveling People

Chapter 26: Whitebridge
Chapter 27: Shelter From the Storm
Chapter 28: Footprints in Air
Chapter 29: Eyes Without Pity
Chapter 30: Children of Shadow
Chapter 31: Play for Your Supper
Chapter 32: Four Kings in Shadow
Chapter 33: The Dark Waits
Chapter 34: The Last Village
Chapter 35: Caemlyn
Chapter 36: Web of the Pattern
Chapter 37: The Long Chase
Chapter 38: Rescue
Chapter 39: Weaving of the Web