The Wheel of Time

Below you will find chapter-by-chapter recaps and reactions to Robert Jordan’s fantasy fiction series, The Wheel of Time. There are no spoilers beyond the current chapter in any of my posts. If you are a new reader, you can read without worrying that I will spoil something that comes up later in the series.

*The Book Reviews linked after the chapter summaries contain spoilers for the entire book but do not spoil events beyond that book.*

I do want to warn you, though, that this is a book series with a lot of foreshadowing. In each chapter reaction section, I will muse on and speculate over the plot clues that Jordan has provided. You might have to worry that by reading my recaps I will connect dots for you that you would not have connected as quickly on your own.

In addition to all of that, my chapter recaps sometimes also include some other information about the characters from outside the novels. (i.e. ________’s name is a reference to Arthurian legend; ______ is a reference to a famous giant from the Bible; _______ is a reference to Greek mythology; etc.)

I will also include a little bit of information about the Amazon Prime TV series within these recaps. If for some reason you do not want to see a picture of the actor or actress portraying a specific character, you might want to skip the reaction segments.

The Wheel of Time Series

The Eye of the WorldThe Great HuntThe Dragon RebornThe Shadow Rising

The Eye of the World (Book #1)

Chapter 1: And Empty Road
Chapter 2: Strangers

Chapter 3: The Peddler
Chapter 4: The Gleeman

Chapter 5: Winternight
Chapter 6: The Westwood

Chapter 7: Out of the Woods
Chapter 8: A Place of Safety
Chapter 9: Tellings of the Wheel

Chapter 10: Leavetaking
Chapter 11: The Road to Taren Ferry

Chapter 12: Across the Taren
Chapter 13: Choices

Chapter 14: The Stag and Lion
Chapter 15: Strangers and Friends
Chapter 16: The Wisdom
Chapter 17: Watchers and Hunters
Chapter 18: The Caemlyn Road

Chapter 19: Shadow’s Waiting
Chapter 20: Dust On The Wind
Chapter 21: Listen to the Wind
Chapter 22: A Path Chosen
Chapter 23: Wolfbrother

Chapter 24: Flight Down the Arinelle
Chapter 25: The Traveling People

Chapter 26: Whitebridge
Chapter 27: Shelter From the Storm
Chapter 28: Footprints in Air
Chapter 29: Eyes Without Pity
Chapter 30: Children of Shadow
Chapter 31: Play for Your Supper
Chapter 32: Four Kings in Shadow
Chapter 33: The Dark Waits
Chapter 34: The Last Village
Chapter 35: Caemlyn
Chapter 36: Web of the Pattern
Chapter 37: The Long Chase
Chapter 38: Rescue
Chapter 39: Weaving of the Web
Chapter 40: The Web Tightens
Chapter 41: Old Friends and New Threats
Chapter 42: Remembrance of Dreams
Chapter 43: Decisions and Apparitions
Chapter 44: The Dark Along The Ways
Chapter 45: What Follows in Shadow
Chapter 46: Fal Dara
Chapter 47: More Tales of the Wheel
Chapter 48: The Blight
Chapter 49: The Dark One Stirs
Chapter 50: Meetings at the Eye
Chapter 51: Against the Shadow
Chapter 52: There is Neither Beginning Nor End
Chapter 53: The Wheel Turns
The Eye of the World Book Review

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Chapter 1: The Flame of Tar Valon
Chapter 2: The Welcome
Chapter 3: Friends and Enemies
Chapter 4: Summoned
Chapter 5: The Shadow in Shienar
Chapter 6: Dark Prophecy
Chapter 7: Blood Calls Blood
Chapter 8: The Dragon Reborn
Chapter 9: Leavetakings
Chapter 10: The Hunt Begins
Chapter 11: Glimmers of the Pattern
Chapter 12: Woven in the Pattern
Chapter 13: From Stone to Stone
Chapter 14: Wolfbrother
Chapter 15: Kinslayer
Chapter 16: In the Mirror of Darkness
Chapter 17: Choices
Chapter 18: To the White Tower
Chapter 19: Beneath the Dagger
Chapter 20: Saidin
Chapter 21: The Nine Rings
Chapter 22: Watchers
Chapter 23: The Testing
Chapter 24: New Friends and Old Enemies
Chapter 25: Cairhein
Chapter 26: Discord
Chapter 27: The Shadow in the Night
Chapter 28: A New Thread in the Pattern
Chapter 29: Seanchan
Chapter 30: Daes Dae’mar
Chapter 31: On the Scent
Chapter 32: Dangerous Words
Chapter 33: A Message From the Dark
Chapter 34: The Wheel Weaves
Chapter 35: Stedding Tsofu
Chapter 36: Among the Elders
Chapter 37: What Might Be
Chapter 38: Practice
Chapter 39: Flight from the White Tower
Chapter 40: Damane
Chapter 41: Disagreements
Chapter 42: Falme
Chapter 43: A Plan
Chapter 44: Five Will Ride Forth
Chapter 45: Blademaster
Chapter 46: To Come Out of the Shadow
Chapter 47: The Grave is No Bar to My Call
Chapter 48: First Claiming
Chapter 49: What Was Meant to Be
Chapter 50: After

The Great Hunt Book Review

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Chapter 1: Waiting
Chapter 2: Saidin
Chapter 3: News from the Plain
Chapter 4: Shadows Sleeping
Chapter 5: Nightmares Walking
Chapter 6: The Hunt Begins
Chapter 7: The Way Out of the Mountains
Chapter 8: Jarra
Chapter 9: Wolf Dreams
Chapter 10: Secrets
Chapter 11: Tar Valon
Chapter 12: The Amyrlin Seat
Chapter 13: Punishments
Chapter 14: The Bite of the Thorns
Chapter 15: The Gray Man
Chapter 16: Hunters Three
Chapter 17: The Red Sister
Chapter 18: Healing

Chapter 19: Awakening
Chapter 20: Visitations
Chapter 21: A World of Dreams
Chapter 22: The Price of the Ring
Chapter 23: Sealed
Chapter 24: Scouting and Discoveries
Chapter 25: Questions
Chapter 26: Behind A Lock
Chapter 27: Tel’aran’rhiod
Chapter 28: A Way Out
Chapter 29: A Trap to Spring
Chapter 30: The First Toss
Chapter 31: The Woman of Tanchico
Chapter 32: The First Ship
Chapter 33: Within the Weave
Chapter 34: A Different Dance
Chapter 35: The Falcon
Chapter 36: Daughter of the Night
Chapter 37: Fires in Cairhien
Chapter 38: Maidens of the Spear
Chapter 39: Threads in the Pattern
Chapter 40: A Hero in the Night
Chapter 41: A Hunter’s Oath
Chapter 42: Easing the Badger
Chapter 43: Shadowbrothers
Chapter 44: Hunted
Chapter 45: Caemlyn
Chapter 46: A Message Out of the Shadow
Chapter 47: To Race the Shadow
Chapter 48: Following the Craft
Chapter 49: A Storm in Tear
Chapter 50: The Hammer
Chapter 51: Bait for the Net
Chapter 52: In Search of a Remedy
Chapter 53: A Flow of the Spirit
Chapter 54: Into the Stone
Chapter 55: What is Written in Prophecy
Chapter 56: The People of the Dragon
The Dragon Reborn Book Review

The Shadow Rising (Book #4)

Chapter 1: Seeds of Shadow
Chapter 2: Whirlpools in the Pattern Part 1
Chapter 2: Whirlpools in the Pattern Part 2
Chapter 3: Reflection
Chapter 4: Strings
Chapter 5: Questioners
Chapter 6: Doorways
Chapter 7: Playing With Fire
Chapter 8: Hard Heads
Chapter 9: Decisions
Chapter 10: The Stone Stands
Chapter 11: What Lies Hidden
Chapter 12: Tanchico or the Tower
Chapter 13: Rumors
Chapter 14: Customs of Mayene
Chapter 15: Into the Doorway
Chapter 16: Leavetakings
Chapter 17: Deceptions
Chapter 18: Into the Ways
Chapter 19: The Wavedancer
Chapter 20: Winds Rising
Chapter 21: Into the Heart
Chapter 22: Out of the Stone
Chapter 23: Beyond the Stone
Chapter 24: Rhuidean
Chapter 25: The Road to the Spear
Chapter 26: The Dedicated
Chapter 27: Within the Ways
Chapter 28: To the Tower of Ghenjei
Chapter 29: Homecoming
Chapter 30: Beyond the Oak
Chapter 31: Assurances
Chapter 32: Questions to Be Asked
Chapter 33: A New Weave in the Pattern
Chapter 34: He Who Comes With the Dawn
Chapter 35: Sharp Lessons
Chapter 36: Misdirections
Chapter 37: Imre Stand
Chapter 38: Hidden Faces
Chapter 39: A Cup of Wine
Chapter 40: Hunter of Trollocs
Chapter 41: Among the Tuatha’an
Chapter 42: A Missing Leaf
Chapter 43: Care For the Living
Chapter 44: The Breaking Storm
Chapter 45: The Tinker’s Sword
Chapter 46: Veils
Chapter 47: The Truth of a Viewing
Chapter 48: An Offer Refused
Chapter 49: Cold Rocks Hold
Chapter 50: Traps
Chapter 51: Revelations in Tanchico
Chapter 52: Need
Chapter 53: The Price of a Departure
Chapter 54: Into the Palace
Chapter 55: Into the Deep
Chapter 56: Goldeneyes
Chapter 57: A Breaking in the Three-Fold Land
Chapter 58: The Traps of Rhuidean
The Shadow Rising Book Review

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