Punky Brewster

The numbering for these episodes reflect what is available for viewing on the NBC app. If and when I get a chance to watch episodes which are missing from the app, I will review them and then re-number the other episodes listed below. Either way, this is what I’ve blogged about so far.

NOTE: I am in the middle of watching the episodes not included with the NBC App (they’re on the Peacock app.) When I’m finished filling in the gaps, I will renumber everything.

Punky Brewster

Season 1

Episode 1: Punky Finds a Home (Part 1)
Episode 2: Punky Finds a Home (Part 2)
Episode 3: Punky Finds a Home (Part 3)
Episode 4A: Lost and Found
Episode 4B: Punky Gets Her Own Room
Episode 5A: Walk Pool
Episode 5B: Gone Fishin’
Episode 6: Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Episode 7: Parents Night
Episode 8A: Go To Sleep
Episode 8B: A Visit to the Doctor
Episode 9: Miss Adorable
Episode 9: Dog Dough Afternoon
Episode 10: Bye Bye, My
Episode 12: Yes, Punky, There Is a Santa Claus (Part 1)
Episode 13: Yes, Punky, There Is a Santa Claus (Part 2)
Episode 14: Play It Again, Punky
Episode 11: Henry Falls In Love (Part 1)
Episode 12: Henry Falls In Love (Part 2)
Episode 13: My Aged Valentine
Episode 14: I Love You, Brandon
Episode 19: Punky Brewster’s Workout
Episode 15: Gals and Dolls
Episodes 16 and 17: Fenster Halls (Parts 1 and 2)
Season 1 Review

Season 2

Episode 18: The K.o. Kid
Episode 19: Punky’s Treehouse
Episode 25: Cheaters Never Win
Episode 26: Baby Buddies, Inc.
Episode 27: Tap Your Troubles Away
Episode 20: Perils of Punky Part 1
Episode 21: Perils of Punky Part 2
Episode 30: Just Say No
Episode 22: The Search
Episode 23: Love Thy Neighbor
Episode 24: The Gift
Episode 25: Milk Does A Body Good
Episode 35: Christmas Shoplifting
Episode 26: Urban Fear
Episode 27: Girls Will Be Boys
Episode 28: Cherie Lifesaver
Episode 29: Changes Part 1
Episode 30: Changes Part 2
Episode 31: Changes Part 3
Episode 32: Changes Part 4
Episode 33: Changes Part 5
Episode 34: Accidents Happen
Season 2 Review